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Residential & Single-Story Building Demolition

Demolition Services

About Residential & Single-Story Building Demolition Services

Enniss Inc. has been involved in the razing of all types of structures, bridges and burnouts. The projects we handle typically involve single-story commercial and residential structures.

The demolition process is usually accomplished using excavators equipped with special buckets with a “thumb” or with a grapple. The debris is separated into recyclable materials. Wood debris is loaded into dump trucks and taken to a wood recycling facility. The concrete and asphalt is loaded into dump trucks and delivered to our own recycling facility. The debris that is not recyclable is sent to the landfill.

We pride ourselves on the efficiency and cost effectiveness of our demolition methods, which result in a high percentage of recycled debris. This allows the owner of the project to get the C & D Recycling Deposit portion of the permit fees refunded.

Our Demolition Crews leave your site clean and ready to start your next project.

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Enniss Inc. was founded in 1961 by Reid and Delpha Enniss. What began as a "two man" steel fabrication and erection operation, known as Enniss Steel, has since evolved into a storied San Diego construction company capable of achieving the project you need done.

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