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Construction Waste Recycling For The San Diego Community

Construction Material Recycling And Reclamation

Looking To Dispose Of Construction Debris?

We have you covered. There’s no need for construction waste to go to waste. Be Eco-friendly and recycle with us!

Enniss Inc. is a Source Separated Recycling Facility that accepts concrete, asphalt, rock, and porcelain. The concrete and porcelain is processed and sold as Recycled Class II Base. The asphalt is processed and sold as Recycled Asphalt product, or RAP. These products are used as an alternative to natural rock products for roadbeds, parking lots, and a variety of other uses.

Enniss was a pioneer in recycling Construction and Demolitoion (C & D) debris in San Diego County and was instrumental in getting the specifications for recycled products written into engineering standards for city, county and state agencies. We are proud to have diverted over 4 million tons of Construction and Demolition (C & D) recyclables from County dumps which prolongs the lifetime of the local landfills.

Bring us your unwanted asphalt, concrete, and porcelain and it will be re-used well.

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Materials Division: (619) 443-9024
Main Office: (619) 561-1101
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About Us

Enniss Inc. was founded in 1961 by Reid and Delpha Enniss. What began as a "two man" steel fabrication and erection operation, known as Enniss Steel, has since evolved into a storied San Diego construction company capable of achieving the project you need done.

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