Materials Office: (619) 443-9024 Main Office: (619) 561-1101
Contractor's License #809017


Enniss Inc. offers premier San Diego construction services, including recycling, ground leveling, material sales, and dumping.

Earth Moving Services

Services include earth moving, grading, and site work. This division has completed many projects in San Diego County, including lake dredging operations, commercial parking lot preparation and repairs, and the preparation of road beds, school sites and ball fields.

Custom Metal Fabrication

We provide steel design, fabrication, assembly, and erection services. With a well-tooled Fab Shop and a team of experienced metalworkers and welders, we have the ability to build just about anything you can specify. We also produce specialty equipment for erection jobs.

Construction Trucking

Our fleet of trucks include flatbeds, end dumps, low beds, drop decks, belly dumps, ten wheelers, and transfers–needless to say our trucks can handle an array of hauling needs.


Enniss Inc. offers a variety of landscape materials and aggregate materials for commercial and residential customers. This division sells a full range of sand, rock and soil products to commercial and residential customers.