Construction Waste Recycling For The San Diego Community

Looking To Dispose Of Construction Debris?

We have you covered. There’s no need for construction waste to go to waste. Be Eco-friendly and recycle with us!

Bring us your unwanted asphalt, concrete, and porcelain and it will be re-used well.

Construction Material Recycling And Reclamation

Enniss Inc. was a pioneer in the recycling of construction products.  The recycling operation accepts concrete, asphalt, rock, porcelain, dirt, sheet metal and steel.  The concrete, asphalt, rock porcelain and dirt is processed and sold as recycled base for road beds and parking lots.

Enniss was instrumental in getting the specifications for recycled products written into engineering standards for city, county and state agencies.  The sheet metal and steel is accepted and then sold as scrap.  These products generate a dump fee, are processed, and are then sold as finished products.

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