The History Of Enniss Inc.

Reid And Delpha At The Office In 2008

Enniss Inc. was founded in 1961 by the unstoppable husband-wife duo Reid and Delpha Enniss. Since then the company has worked on large construction projects in Los Angeles, helped build a majority of the highrises in downtown San Diego, tackled numerous demolition jobs, and, generally, has been able to accomplish anything customers need.

The company’s strong track record is a direct reflection of the outstanding individuals behind the operation. Using the whole of their tenacity and ingenuity, Reid and Delpha worked exceptionally hard to lay the foundation for this business with hopes of turning it into a sustainable family-run enterprise. Fifty years later their efforts have proven an immense success–all six of Reid and Delpha’s children now take part in managing the firm, as well as several extended family members.

Reid, Blake, and Chad Enniss | Enniss Inc.

Reid Enniss With Sons Blake (left) and Chad (right)

From its outset, Enniss Inc. has upheld a strong standard for quality work and has sought employees that can achieve it. The result? A staff of skilled, capable individuals that, with the Enniss family, have made this a thriving small business for half of a century.

But it isn’t just the quality work that makes Enniss Inc. such a standout. On top of its success in its business endeavors, Enniss Inc. has managed to create a close network within itself and has remained actively involved in supporting the local community. Whether sponsoring youth programs or helping out neighbors in need, finishing a demolition or wrapping up a building project, this is a firm that sincerely cares.

And I really would know since I was raised with this company. Did I mention that I am one of Reid and Delpha’s 24 grandchildren?

We hope that you come on in and see what we’re all about for yourself.