Welcome To Enniss Inc.

You Need It Done? We Can Do It.

That’s been our attitude from the outset. Enniss Inc. is a multifaceted enterprise known for tackling any job asked of it. We have the equipment and the know-how to take on a multitude of projects and provide various construction services, including:

Steel Fabrication

Our team of skilled welders can build anything to our customers’ plans and specifications.

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Small demolition projects, specifically single-story demolitions, are our specialty.

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From prepping for parking lots to leveling out backyards, we take pride in our quality grading.

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We can dig swimming pools, drainage channels, and mainly anything else. If you need it, we can dig it!

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Our fleet of flatbeds, end dumps, drop decks, and transfers can haul whatever you have to move.

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We’ve been “green” before that term was used. We¬† recycle construction debris, including asphalt, concrete, and porcelain.

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Disposal Services

In addition to the materials we recycle, we can also take unwanted dirt, rock, or sand off your hands.

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Do you have a landscaping project? We supply a variety of sand, topsoil, rock, gravel, rip rap, and landscape boulders.

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