Enniss Inc. offers services in general construction, recycling, ground leveling, material sales, and dumping.

Earth Moving Services

Earth Moving, Grading, And Site Work This division has completed many projects in San Diego County, including lake dredging operations, commercial parking lot preparation and repairs, and the preparation of road beds, school sites and ball fields. Site work includes installation of engineering stakes and grades, drainage structures, underground utilities, curbs, gutters and sidewalks.  This division was also responsible for the complete development of our 42-acre M-58 (heavy industrial) site on Vigilante Road in...

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Custom Metal Fabrication

Steel Design, Fabrication, Assembly, And Erection Enniss Inc. has done numerous custom metal fabrication jobs, including structural work on a number of highrises in downtown San Diego and Los Angeles, but our range is extensive. With a well-tooled Fab Shop and a team of experienced metalworkers and welders, we have the ability to build just about anything you can specify. The Fabrication Shop produces its own specialty equipment for erection jobs, such as large and small ringer cranes, which are used as an...

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Construction Trucking

Need Construction Trucking Services? Our fleet of trucks include flatbeds, end dumps, low beds, drop decks,  belly dumps, ten wheelers, and transfers–needless to say our trucks can handle an array of hauling needs. We haul our own materials, broker trucking jobs and provide sub-hauls for some local trucking companies. But where would we be with these trucks and no one to operate them. Our crew of seasoned drivers can efficiently transport your material from point A to point B. Tell Us About Your...

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Landscape Supplies and Building Materials

We sell sand, topsoil, and gravel.

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Residential & Single-Story Building Demolition

Residential & Single-Story Building Demolition Our demolition division is involved in the razing of all types of structures, bridges and burnouts.  The projects we handle typically involve single-story demolition and residential demolition. The demolition process is usually accomplished using excavators equipped with special buckets with a “thumb.”  No cranes with breaker balls are used for the type of demolition that is handled through this division. Ask Us About Your Project! We would love to...

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Construction Waste Recycling For The San Diego Community

Looking To Dispose Of Construction Debris? We have you covered. There’s no need for construction waste to go to waste. Be Eco-friendly and recycle with us! Bring us your unwanted asphalt, concrete, and porcelain and it will be re-used well. Construction Material Recycling And Reclamation Enniss Inc. was a pioneer in the recycling of construction products.  The recycling operation accepts concrete, asphalt, rock, porcelain, dirt, sheet metal and steel.  The concrete, asphalt, rock porcelain and dirt is...

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